Federico Tomasevich

Argentine businessman. Referring to the capital market in the Southern Cone.

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Federico Tomasevich

Federico Tomasevich was born on March 29, 1976 in Buenos Aires.

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Federico Tomasevich

Federico Tomasevich is 42 years old, he was born March 29, 1976 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is the main shareholder of PUENTE, where he became President in 2004. During his management, he led the transformation of the company into the leading financial services provider in the Southern Cone, both inside and outside the company.

As a reflection of his commitment to the community, Federico is a member of the Advisory Council of CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth) and actively collaborates with the teams of RAP, CONIN, Pescar Institution, Zaldívar Institution and the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires to resolve three fundamental issues for the progress of the community: health, education and institutional development.

In that way, it also accompanies promising young people to achieve their personal and professional goals through the scholarship programs offered by leading organizations such as Adblick and the Fulbright Commission.

Federico Tomasevich.

Training in the new business world.

Tomasevich participated in the Senior Management Program of IAE Business School - Universidad Austral (2008), directed to training leaders to manage companies and coordinate the talent of professionals within an organization, with the purpose of adding value to both the company and society. In that way, PUENTE is one of the references for the main provincial and municipal states in the organization, issuance and placement of financing through the capital market, necessary for the development of infrastructure works.

In addition, he was part of the Global CEO Program of the Wharton Business School (2011) of the University of Pennsylvania, aimed at allowing top executives to reflect on the main problems facing their companies, while interacting with experienced leaders from different industries who share their experiences and knowledge.

Corporate Responsibility

Alliance with the most important Think Tank in the world

PUENTE, the leading financial services company in the Southern Cone, joins as a corporate partner one of the largest Think Tanks in the world, the Wilson Center.

Founded in 1977, the prestigious Wilson Center Latin American Program provides nonpartisan information to a broad community in the United States and Latin America of policymakers on critical issues facing the hemisphere. Established by the United States Congress, the Wilson Center offers a reliable, non-partisan platform that produces viable ideas to act as a bridge between public policy and research.

This prestigious think tank opened a chapter called "Argentina Project", and it aspires to be the main institution for the investigation of relevant public policies on the political and economic reforms under way in Argentina. This ambitious project takes advantage of the renewed interest of the public and private sectors of the United States in Argentina, and provides a forum for non-partisan discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and growing regional and global commitment of Argentina.

"We are proud and excited that we have been summoned to be one of its strategic partners in the arrival to the country. We are convinced that we can provide valuable information and knowledge - through our Research and Strategy team - that will enrich the focus of this project that is integrated into one of the most prestigious think tanks worldwide", said Federico Tomasevich, president and principal shareholder of PUENTE.

The Argentina Project will also analyze the relevant regional phenomena that most impact the southern country and its neighbors. The Argentina Project provides access to independent research and top-quality market information, as well as exchange opportunities with prominent academics and policymakers from the United States and Argentina. The partners will help shape project activities, inform US policymakers and provide research inputs to the Argentine government as they address challenges in areas such as trade, infrastructure, agriculture, energy, public education. , security, environment and government transparency.

"One of the central aspects of our program is to provide key information for all those who are looking at Argentina with interest today. We see a unique opportunity in the process of reforms that are taking place in the country and we want to promote the bilateral relationship between both nations, contributing in the dialogue between diplomats, politicians, businessmen and investors. The idea is that we all win if Argentina is successful" added Benjamin Gedan, director of the Argentina Project and former aesesor in South American affairs at the White House.

We invite you to watch the video where Federico Tomasevich comments on this agreement:

Launch of the new Conin Foundation project

The NGO plans to open a new Treatment Centre and also a Research Centre.

At the beginning of June, PUENTE invited more than a hundred clients and friends to the Alvear Palace Hotel to listen to Dr. Abel Albino, president of the CONIN Foundation.

With Federico Tomasevich, president and main shareholder of PUENTE, Dr. Albino presented the organization's new projects to strengthen its fight against child malnutrition in Argentina.

Within the framework of the celebrations of its 25 years of history, the Foundation has decided to undertake the construction of a new Treatment Centre, also a Centre for Social and Medical Research.

"More than 2,300 children have been rescued thanks to the joint work of the Foundation's team and the mothers, that are important in this recovery process. The support of the Tomasevich family has been fundamental in sustaining our hospital and building our headquarters in the city of Mendoza," said Dr. Albino during the talk.

At the close of the event, Federico Tomasevich invited all present to join in these projects. "We have been working with CONIN for 20 years to eradicate child malnutrition. Unfortunately, in Argentina, there is a lot of work to do on this issue.... that is why it is necessary, that we add as many donors as possible, so we can give all the tools to Dr. Albino to expand the impact of his work," concluded the president of PUENTE.

We invite you to watch a video and a synthesis of the meeting:

Visit to the Conin Foundation

Federico Tomasevich traveled to Mendoza this week to meet Dr. Abel Albino, president of the CONIN Foundation, an organization with which PUENTE has collaborated since its creation in the 1990s.

Based in that province, CONIN works permanently to eradicate child destruction in Argentina, but its method has gained international recognition and its program has extended throughout all America and the world.

Federico toured the facilities of the "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" Centre for the Recovery of Malnourished Infants and the "El Plumerillo" Centre for the Prevention of Child Desnutrition and Human Promotion, both located in Las Heras.

"It is a pleasure to be able to visit with Dr. Albino the facilities of the CONIN Foundation, which for many years we have been helping with PUENTE and especially the Doctor in a cause that we believe is extremely noble and necessary. We see the effort, dedication and absolute dedication of all the professionals who work at the Foundation to achieve the objectives," said Tomasevich.

"Unfortunately, in Argentina a great effort has to be made in this task, so we will keep helping the Doctor and the Foundation", he added and invited those who can to join and help the Foundation.

For his part, Abel Albino expressed his joy for Federico's visit, which he described as something that "pleases his soul". "It's not the first time the Tomasevich family has helped us. Fourteen years ago, they were the ones who gave us the funds to put back in track this hospital. They heard me talking on a radio program a Friday morning, that afternoon they contacted me and the next day I had the money to start the work. And I assure you, they didn't know me”, recalled the professional.

He also mentioned that for ten years in a row, PUENTE gave them the funds to celebrate CONIN's annual celebration and also to build the headquarters on 25 de Mayo Street.

We invite you to watch a video with a synthesis of the visit:

Commitment to the community

Federico Tomasevich

He collaborates -through PUENTE- with different organizations in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay that stand out for their commitment to contribute to three specific issues: health, education and institutionality.

As companies are a reflection of their environment, Federico considers it vital to encourage the values of improvement, transparency, innovation, strategy, vision, integrity and social commitment in all areas in which he interacts.

  • Participating personally on the boards and committees of these organizations.
  • Accompanying promising young people to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Making economic contributions to projects that make a difference in society.

Creating opportunities for everyone

In recent years, it has accompanied entities linked to health, education and institutions. They have been selected taking in count the values of these NGOs and those that Federico has installed in PUENTE, with the commitment of their directors to achieve the objectives set and the real impact that these goals will bring to society.

Federico's active presence on the boards and committees of these organizations translates into the contribution of his knowledge to the design and implementation of programs, in the relationship with other social actors and in the generation of activities and contents that add visibility to the problems that each one prioritizes.

Besides, he accompanies promising young people to achieve their personal and professional goals through the scholarship programs offered by leading organizations such as Adblick and the Fulbright Commission.

All this effort is complemented, by the economic contribution -more than $5.2 million, during 2016 and 2017- that serves to motorize the actions that day by day make a difference in the quality of life of thousands of Argentines.

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Federico Tomasevich con Wilson Center

Alliance with one of the most important Think Tank in the world

Federico Tomasevich announced that PUENTE joins as corporate partner of the local chapter of the Wilson Center: the Argentina Project.

Federico Tomasevich acompaña al Dr. Albino y su equipo

Federico Tomasevich joins Dr. Albino and his team in the presentation of the new project of the Conin Foundation

For 20 years, the Tomasevich family has joined the CONIN Foundation in its fight against child malnutrition. At an event realiced at the Alvear Hotel on June 5, 2018, Federico Tomasevich invited Dr. Abel Albino, the head of the Foundation, to present his work to clients and friends. In front of a crowded auditorium, the project for the "New Recovery Centre" was presented.

Federico Tomasevich visita CONIN

Visit to the CONIN Foundation's centres

Federico Tomasevich, with the president of the CONIN Foundation, Abel Albino, toured the facilities in Mendoza of the "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" Centre for the Recovery of Malnourished Infants and the "El Plumerillo" Centre for the Prevention of Child Desnutrition and Human Promotion, both located in Las Heras, where he leads his work to eradicate desnutrition and PUENTE has collaborated since its creation in the 1990s.

Federico Tomasevich en el Encuentro de Infraestructura de CAF

Infrastructure Financing Panel at CAF Meeting

Federico Tomasevich was one of the 70 leaders of the region reunited by CAF, Latin America's development bank, for its "Infrastructure for the Development of Latin America" conference.

Federico Tomasevich en Alvear Palace Hotel

The Impact of the Argentina/Europe and Rest of the World Agenda 2018

During a meeting with ambassadors, Federico Tomasevich, president of PUENTE, presented the company's global vision.

Federico Tomasevich en Roadshow

ROAD SHOW - Economics 2018: The vision of the financial sector.

PFederico Tomasevich's participation in the financial sector opinion panel.

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Tomasevich anuncia alianza con Think Tank más importante del mundo

Cronista Comercial | “Local partner for an influential US Think-tank”.

The Wilson Center, an influential North American think tank created by the United States Congress, added as a corporate partner of its "Argentina Project" to PUENTE, which will provide information through its Research and Strategy department.

Será un desafío estabilizar la economía

Forbes magazine |"It will be a challenge to stabilize the economy".

Federico Tomasevich, owner of Puente, assures that, with the agreement with the Monetary Fund, the Government is playing the last card to normalize the economy. Why he joined the Wilson Center, an Northmerican think tank.

Tomasevich acompaña el nuevo proyecto de la Fundación Conin

BAE Diario |"An alliance against child malnutrition".

Within the celebration of its 25 years of history, the Foundation decided to face the construction of a new Treatment Center, also a Center for Social-Medical Research.

Tomasevich presenta el nuevo proyecto de la Fundación Conin

iProfessional |"Puente joins the Conin Foundation in the presentation of a new project".

LThe NGO plans to open a new Treatment Center and a Research Center in the province of Mendoza.

PUENTE firma acuerdo exclusivo con reconocido Fondo Internacional

Clarín | "They are looking for local capital to invest in international funds".

Puente disembarks in private equity. It made an agreement with Partners Group, which manages $74 billion.


Infotechnology | "Founders of Despegar buy 51% of a fintech from the President of PUENTE".

It's CashoOnline, an online lending company.Tomasevich will remain a shareholder and director. The association aims to position the company as referent of the sector.

Los fundadores de Despegar adquieren la mayoría accionaria de Cash Online

Apertura magazine | "The founders of Despegar acquire a majority stake in Cash Online".

The investment fund of the co-founders of Despegar acquired 51% of the online lending company created by Federico Tomasevich.

Dos cofundadores de Despegar invirtieron en una plataforma de préstamos online

iProfessional |"Two co-founders of Despegar invested in an online lending platform".

Alejandro Tamer and Christian Vilate bought 51% of CashOnline.com.ar, founded by Federico Tomasevich. Like this, a new fintech player is born in the region.

Federico Tomasevich.

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